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If you have responsibilities, areas and people you need to put your energy into, heck, if you have a damn pulse you will know what I mean when I say that every so often you get pushed out of whack.  You’re off balance, short tempered, generally negative and feeling even more shitty because it’s not like you and you know it levitra india.  Yet, you can’t seem to snap out of it!

You’ve fallen in a funk.

You’re not yourself.


Here are 3 tips to help you snap the heck out of it and start shining already!


  1. Stop talking about it.

To yourself and others.  Watch your words, for they are more powerful than you realize.

Let me give you an example.  It’s no secret I had a rough first year with my second son.  He had some mysterious long-lasting virus that turned him into an irritable, exhausted and uncomfortable little angel (we all know what tired children are like). It was such an ordeal for me because of all the worry and sleepless nights….it was downright traumatic!  Recently I caught myself chatting about it yet again and realized how much I was keeping myself stuck in the past.  I was actually keeping the pain of that period alive.  What!?  By talking about it incessantly I was actually defining myself and worse, my son by shitty events that in all reality have passed us by.

This leads into the second step to snapping your sexy butt out of a funk….


  1. Let it go.

So what, you fucked up.  You haven’t shown up as the best version of yourself for a while.  It’s OKAY.  Right now is a new moment.  It’s not the same as the moment before.  You are not the same as you were yesterday.  You are allowed to forgive yourself, to admit you have been off kilter and to know that you could have done better, acted better and accomplished more.  Staying stuck in hating yourself though isn’t going to make it go away or change the fact that it happened.  It’s time then…. you must…

3. Decide!

This is the magic!  We can all overcomplicate the situation.  Choose to focus on all the excuses and blocks as to why you have been in a funk and why you can’t move past it.    The truth of it though, is you have only to decide.

Decide this is a new day.

Decide you can feel better.

Decide you are over it.

Decide to smile, to do, act and be brighter.



When you make that simple decision in your mind, and believe it…your whole mindset will have shifted.  When you shift your mindset in a more positive direction, your life can’t help but shift too.  Yes.  It’s that simple.


You got this.



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