You want to let go of what’s not working in your life and fix it so you can be a great role model and example to the kids starting yesterday!

But you’re too overwhelmed with clutter, to-do lists and expectations that you do nothing. Actually wait…you do do something! You beat yourself up with negative self talk just about every damn second of the day. When you chill you are feeling guilty. You’re often anxious and you crave that energized, positive, organized mentality all the time!

You’ve known for awhile that you want for something more. A deeper connection and strong, clear purpose to light your way.

You love the simple life and spend your time daydreaming of your future beach house and how cozy life is going to be. Followed by all the happy memories you’re going to make (when everything is just perfect)…

You find yourself trapped in the ‘one day mentality’ and know it’s time to embrace the present moment and create your dream life NOW.

You realize that ‘one day’ is actually happening RIGHT NOW and you’re ready!


What are you ready for exactly?


You are ready to learn to stay in the present moment.

Ready to let go of all the past hurt, unresolved feelings and dissapointments of your life.

Ready to forgive others and most importantly yourself.

Ready to learn a new mindset that’s going to take you from Procrastinator Queen to FREE, RELAXED VIXEN.

Ready to stop needing constant validation from others to make yourself feel worthy.

Ready to declutter your home and make it the dream home you’ve always dreamed of living in (without buying a new home or tons of new stuff)!

Ready to get clear on your priorities, values and mission so that you can be the best mom possible.

Ready to get clear on your purpose and start living it right now!

Surprised how I seem to know all those things that keep you up at night? Don’t be!


I’ve been there.

I’ve been stuck in a state of overwhelm for years. Wanting to make changes and feel different but accomplishing nothing.  Doing all the things I was raised to believe I just had to do.  Be good. Go to school. Get married. Get a stable and secure job. Have kids. Keep the house clean. Be grateful. All the while daydreaming of ‘someday’ and endlessly mentally planning without ever taking action.

It wasn’t until I came face to face with my biggest fear – infertility – and was forced to clear my emotional blockages and learn to LET GO, that my life started to really come together.

As I learned to let go of the past, work through my emotions and declutter my life…I energetically made space to receive my two blessings, Michael and Noah. I was able to bust through the fear and start my own dream business and now I feel more full of life, energy and joy than ever because I’m doing the work God had intended for me.

God blessed me with an intuitive nature, fiery spirit and ability to motivate, understand and connect with others.

I’m so thrilled that I’ve learned to overcome my hurdles because now I can connect with you and walk you through the journey to the other side of procrastination, self-doubt, perfectionism and overwhelm.  I want to support you on a journey that ends with you feeling empowered, fulfilled and in control of your life.

I have an approachable nature and offer intuitive support.  I love to talk deep and cut through all the bullshit.  I believe in decluttering the message and offer simple, do-able guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Although you are in charge of your own life and making real lasting change begins and ends with you; I like to offer a lot of hand holding, especially in the beginning of our journey together. I believe growth and healing can be gentle, comforting and FUN! With the right kind of excited energy you will be blown away at all the things you can accomplish!

Nobody likes to feel overwhelmed and alone.

Life is busy and the convenience factor is a huge priority. Especially for busy moms! For this reason I work with people via Skype or on the phone.  I love how the privacy yet intimacy of the phone helps people to feel safe and open. Also, you certainly don’t have to live in Toronto to work with me, and that’s the best part!

Life is chaotic at best, but with some “fixing up” inside our heads and homes, we can make changes and improve the quality of our lives. It’s my goal to help you make this happen!


This is my space where I actually live my dream instead of always dreaming and “planning” it! I invite you to take this journey with me. Grab a cup of Java or tea and let’s be friends! I hope that you can relate and together we can change our world…. and the way we live it!

Love and light!


P.S…. You’re not here by accident.  It’s no coincidence!  You don’t believe in coincidences!