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dés casino *deep breath * bumpily BELIEVE  *deep breath *

le baccarat Such a deep word, so full of meaning. Today I choose to create/share an affirmation to bring this one home…

Orcutt go alphago I choose to believe that there is a piece of God inside of every person
I believe that my good intentions are serving others.
I believe that love always wins
I believe with all my heart and soul that we each have a gift that needs to be shared with the world
I believe that gift will serve others and make this world a more beautiful place
I believe people are good
I believe we never stop learning and growing
I believe it is a gift to grow old
I believe in YOU

These are unshakable beliefs I carry inside of me. Not because I have proof of any of it, but because it’s ingrained in my soul, because that is my truth and because each point resonates within me.
No one can tell you that what you believe is right or wrong, everyone will believe what they want to believe. Everyone has his or her own truth. What is it you believe in that you don’t have any ‘absolute proof’ of but you just know it in your heart? What is your #truth ?
The world is a better place when you believe in the good of humankind.

With love!

#wordwednesday #believe

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