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go now Kids don’t hold you down. In fact, it’s totally opposite!

http://socialactionnet.com/?fistawka=rencontre-femmes-gabonais&896=c4 Isn’t it amazing how before you have kids you fear you won’t be able to do anything. You’ll be stuck to play dates and toys and the kids section of the amusement park? Sure, you’re going to be doing all those things…but guess what!? You’ll be rencontre parking e411 doing!  Doing all sorts of things you never did before. Seeing the world for the first time through your childrens eyes opens up a whole new world.

teen dating violence los angeles I’m a huge homebody. Truly, if I didn’t have to leave the house for months it wouldn’t phase me. But having a child, especially during this day and age…what,  with social media and ever-heightening parenting awareness…the pressure is on to stimulate your children and show them the world. (More about this “pressure” in another post for sure!)

free dating sites in ri So many times where I’d be just vegging, I look at my little guy and it pushes me to get up, get dressed and go have an adventure. That could mean a trip to someplace new or simply to the park to feed the ducks. Recently, my hubby and I took Michael to pick strawberries. In my 30 something years, it was my first time. And it was fun! (and yummy!) Looking around the strawberry patch, guess what I saw? Families with kids! People just like us! Getting out and doing things! It occurred to me lately that so many of the things we do now are fun, new and exciting. Sure they are all wholesome and PG, but who cares? There’s plenty of adult time after the kids go to sleep and hopefully a sitter is never too far away. So,  if you are thinking about having a family or have brought a new baby into your life and you are feeling nervous about being stuck and trapped, don’t!  You won’t believe how many new and exciting experiences are just around the corner. You’ll be doing more things than you could have ever imagined.



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