Set forth and sparkle, what are you waiting for?

You’re here because your days just aren’t feeling as fulfilled as you know they can be.  You don’t want to waste another moment (let alone week, month or years!) just existing and being complacent.  You’re completely over your procrastinating tendencies and you’re ready to take action now.

This program will feel like a saving grace if:

  • You feel so overwhelmed that you can’t seem to get a handle on your days.  You have a million things on your mind, so many thoughts and feelings to work through and you’re so overwhelmed you stay STUCK.
  • It seems you should feel satisfied but deep down you never feel completely settled, you’re often anxious and you feel guilty most of the time.
  • You have a hard time articulating the emotions you feel but I’d be willing to bet they stem from areas such as self-worth, shame and fear.
  • You have a hard time letting things go.
  • There are tasks you’ve been wanting to do around the house and in your life that you know will help you move forward but you just haven’t been able to get to them.
  • You enjoy some hand holding and would love some support to get you going.
  • You want to feel better, look better and BE BETTER.
  • You want to be an example of peace, happiness, serenity and ambition to your family.
  • You want to show yourself and the people around you what you are really made of!


Growing and change can be scary but during our time together it’s sacred, calming and transformational. I support you in connecting with your purpose and guiding you through a new sense of self-awareness that will lead to transformation and reveal patterns that have kept you stuck.  Your mindset will have a complete makeover and the change and benefits will last you a lifetime.


This program is about YOU taking charge of your life to consciously create an AMAZING life.

To clear and heal the internal blocks and limiting beliefs that you don’t even know that you have, to stop them slowing you down and tripping you up again and again.

This program will help you to design the life that you truly want, to move through the challenges and obstacles that come up and will get you well on your way to achieving your true desires.  By the end of the program, you will be recharged, focused, have a passion for your life again and will be taking effective focused action to achieve it.

At the end of 6 weeks you will have:

  • Made improvements emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Gained clarity on your life purpose
  • Learned to stay in the present moment
  • Begun healing old childhood wounds
  • Improved your relationships
  • Learned to stop self-sabotaging and take action
  • Altered your mindset to support you throughout all the days and adventures to come.


You’re not here by accident Love!

This is your opportunity to step up and ignite the light inside of you.  Hear that voice inside that has been nagging at you to do what you need to do to feel fulfilled.  You need to know there is NO shame in reaching out and seeking support.  Let this be the first step you take to start loving yourself and feeling worthy.  You don’t have to do it alone.  I”m here for you.

I can help you overcome procrastination, overwhelm and self-doubt.  You can gain clarity about who you are, what you want in this life and understand how to get it!

Together, we will clear the mental clutter, overcome fears that may be holding you back, and get your head in the right space so you’re ready to create a life that fulfills you!

You can finally have somebody in your corner offering you the accountability you need to keep you focused, supported and ON TRACK!

You sparkle when you are following the path God has intended for you.

When you tap into your unlimited potential, gain clarity, focus on your goals…

You won’t help but sparkle!

You can do this.  You do sparkle.  Let me show you.



What are the next steps?


Apply for a free 45 minute call with me here. We can get to know eachother a little more and If you’re approved for the call, we’ll determine whether we are a good fit together. If yes, I will send you the agreement and your invoice so we can get started!


You will make an amazing investment in yourself and then we will book your first official coaching call.


Our first call or in person meeting (60-90mins) will be to get clear on what’s going on in your life, what you desire and set the goals for our time together.  We will uncover all your biggest pain points and begin uncovering your patterns.  We will map out our future sessions to give you the transformation you need.


Every week we will have 1 – 60 minute call or meeting.  Each 1-hour session is followed with a detailed e-mail of our discussion, take-aways and action points.  Between calls you will have unlimited e-mail access to me.  I will not have you feeling alone and stuck!


Listen to your own inner wisdom (with my help of course) and step into your light!


When our 6 weeks is up we CELEBRATE and review how far you have come.    You will have a new-found confidence in your abilities and the self -awareness to get yourself through pretty much anything.

Before we end our time together (*tear*) we will come up with a plan you feel great about to continue your well- deserved success, and keep you on the right track.




 email: with any questions!