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I`m back! Although I haven`t posted for what seems like an eternity, I wanted to let you know that this blog and my desire to share my ideas, thoughts and life with you have never been far from my thoughts! I have BIG plans for us!

As far as my hiatus . . . well, I was busy making a baby! Life has had its ups and downs but I`m pleased to report many, many more “ups” !  Our family has welcomed a new baby boy named Noah and life as a mom with two boys has been incredibly wonderful!  Here is a little glimpse of my two angels!

Michael and Noah


My pledge to you dear reader is that I will find a way to fit writing and blogging somewhere in my list of top priorities so that we can all continue this journey together.  Your love and support means so much!

With love,

Tanya xo

Spread the love!