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informative post You learn so much about yourself when you turn inwards and decide what you desire in this life. We as busy women are too often swept up in surviving the day, let alone reflecting about our desires.

Thinking about the big picture of your life can feel too overwhelming for many, so instead focus on how you want to http://biblioteka-chrzastowice.pl/marysja/7255 FEEL.

go to this website I thought about this and the most unusual realization came to me. One of my core desires is to feel comfortable. It’s a simple pleasure. I notice the quest for comfort sways (and has swayed) a lot of my choices. Imagine how understanding this about myself would help me to make decisions in the future.

brooke werner dating chad knaus As an example: When is my quest for comfort actually blocking me from growing? Or, on the flip side..what can I do today or be grateful for, that makes me feel comfortable? How can that benefit my days?

https://itopglobalservices.com/132-dte88074-older-women-seeking-men-in-tokyo.html Don’t underestimate introspection friends. It’s not self-indulgent mambo jumbo. Give yourself this simple gift. Ask yourself:

our website HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL?


That’s just two little questions.  Did you know when you take the time to ask your brain a question it gets right to work finding the answer!?

The hardest part isn’t discovering the answer as much as it is to still yourself enough to listen.

Yes.  Wrap your mind around that!

With love and light!


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