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I read once that Pinterest was just a space to hoard online.  It resonated with me because it’s true!  But WHO CARES!!  It’s your space to do what you want, be you and pin your little heart out!  When I’m in a pinning zone, https://diabetesfrees.com/micronase-review-a-diabetes-remedy-at-a-low-price/ I see things, get inspired and with each pin a piece of the puzzle to my identity, person.. Pruszcz Gdański atletico madrid champions league soul gets recorded and becomes timeless and secure.  I would like to show http://headphonetest.de/4650-csde54902-paysafecard-10-euro.html YOU how you can turn Pinterest  from an online virtual hoarding zone into a guide, inspiration and tool to change your life!  

roulett spela São José de Mipibu Step 1:  PIN WITH RECKLESS ABANDON!

Get inspired.  Dream big.  Pay attention to the details.  Know the difference between what’s do-able and what’s big dreaming.  Be sure to create various folders to organize your stuff.  I personally have started off with very broad ranged categories..but as the number of  my pins increase I wish I had been a little more specific about it.  For example, instead of just a board titled ‘Food’…I should have made specific boards titled Appetizers, Mains, Snacks, Dessert etc..

My ‘Seasonal Board’ should be more like: Christmas, Valentines day, Thanksgiving, Easter etc..

Use the search tool  ‘everything’ often. It pumps out a variety of things keeping you and your creativity firing on all cylinders.

play casino slot machines free Step 2:  DON’T FORGET TO REVISIT YOUR BOARDS!

It’s easy to keep on pinning and forget to revisit your boards! There’s so much fun to be had when you revisit your pins! They will take you right back to that moment, that idea, the picture you’ve created for yourself in your mind.  You’ll get reinspired over and over again!  It serves as a reminder of your goals.  This can help you remember what’s important to you, what information you want to read about, that home project you really want to accomplish, that room you want to decorate, that activity to do with the kids, that look I want in my wardrobe, that dinner! ….the list goes on and on!  

People often don’t carry journals, our society pushes us forward faster and harder than ever before!  People can’t possibly remember all their goals, their ideas and visions for the future.  Pinterest is just that..an unconventional journal of sorts…use it, be authentic and believe in yourself enough to translate pins into reality; which brings me to my third and final step…

free slots machines gratuites Calasiao Step 3:  TURN YOUR PINS INTO REALITY!

My friend once told me to create a board with all the pins I’ve “done”.  Mine is simply called ‘Pins I’ve Done’ (brilliantly creative I know) .  I can’t tell you how many pins I’ve accumulated in there.  During my first maternity leave I made so many recipes, implemented so many organizational elements into my home and pinpointed my home and fashion style.  It’s very motivating to see how many changes I’ve made and how many projects I’ve tackled.  It’s a fun reason to revisit my boards and encourages me to do more!

Visiting my boards is like looking at a public persona of me. It’s been wonderful having this virtual map of my full self.  If it wasn’t for Pinterest I don’t believe that I could have been as inspired, clear and mentally organized as I am today.  

If you would like to see my Pinterest profile please check it out and follow here.

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