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I Rode a Bike!

Ok, big deal right? Wrong!

I have been babbling into my husband’s ear for at least 2 years now that I wanted to buy a bike and go riding. I put a million obstacles in my way each time I came close to making it happen.

“The bike I really want is too expensive and I have to order it online.”

“I probably forgot how to ride,”

“It’s too embarrassing for me to lug my fat ass around in front of everyone.”

“What if I buy it and don’t ever ride it?”

“What if I fail“?

The effort to carry those thoughts around was not worth it!! Today, my Mother’s Day gift came early! My hubby and son bought me the sweetest bike at Canadian Tire. Sure it isn’t the most fabulous urban city bike I dreamed of…it’s purple with pink tires…BUT…it’s pretty fabulous! Complete with my must have accessories such as a basket and flower…(yup, that’s just the way I roll!) And surprise, surprise, after 17+ years, it was as freeing and joyful as the way I always remembered it!

Ok, I’m going to say something here that likely isn’t what you would expect to hear from someone giving you “self-improvement” advice. But, it’s just burning up inside and I MUST get it out! Sometimes, you just have to spend some money and buy yourself something you really want!

I totally let my cheapness get in the way of moving forward with some of my goals. I have buyers remorse sometimes and feel guilty for spending money that I should otherwise be saving or using for the family. An important lesson here is to invest in you! You’re worth it! I work hard and deserve to use some of my hard earned money on things that bring me joy and pleasure. Sure, I didn’t actually buy the bike, it was a gift…but I did choose to make it happen. No regrets!

Now, I’m one step closer to riding that bike with my mini lap top in my super adorable bike basket right to the park; lay out a blanket and be the cute little writer I’ve always wanted to be!



What are you holding yourself back from buying or doing?


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