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You know, I’m all about gracious living.  I feel that having a sense of gratitude for all things heightens the simplicity of everyday life and reminds me how blessed I truly am.  It reminds me of all the great things I have and humbles me daily.  However, even I struggle to accept the many blessings in my life.  That super evil nemesis of mine (guilt) always creeps to the surface and a sense of inadequacy, diminished self-worth and fear take over me.  When I’m struggling with these feelings I repeat this personal mantra to myself and it helps me every time!  “Why not me?  Why not now? ” 

I am a child of God just like any other person.  I am worthy of His blessings.  Every opportunity presented to me, every possibility for improvement, enjoyment and happiness is mine to grasp.

I leave you dear friends with one thought.  Why not you?  Why not now?  Go be you and shine!

Find your purpose and don’t let any negative, self-diminishing, fearful thought stop you!



Spread the love!