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Something magical happened tonight!

I resigned from my safe and comfortable job of 20 years!  I’m overcome with both gratitude for the amazing work family I’ve been blessed to be a part of and of pride.  Pride in myself for overcoming my fears, saying yes to life, following my dreams and overcoming all my limitations one baby-step at a time.

For those of you who have chased their big dreams and actively seek healing and improvement, I commend you!  Your light lights the way for us all!

This however, is for the girl who spends her time daydreaming about the possibilities.  Consider this the universe’s way of nudging you into safe and happy action.

Practice saying YES!

Say yes to your dreams.

Yes to your higher self.

Yes to self-care.

Yes to expansion, elevation and fulfillment.

Here’s what to do!

Discover what lights you up.

Get the information/education you need to move forward.

Start small.

Remain flexible and be easy on yourself.

Allow yourself to change your mind.

Take action.

    Adopt these affirmations:

  • I am enough
  • I trust the guidance of the universe
  • I am authentic, free and expressive
  • I carry strength and resilience in me.
  • I am powerful, confident and capable of reaching all my dreams.



Reflect on these quotes.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”         -Oprah Winfrey

“No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.” -Maya Mendoza

Closing this chapter of my life is something I’ve contemplated for years.  I couldn’t move forward with this decision years ago because I was stuck in procrastination, playing small and fear.  I was trying too hard to control how it would all go down and always retreating to my comfort zone.  Right now, the truth is, I’m somewhere lost between excitement, relief, fear of the hustle that lies ahead, excited about succeeding, afraid of succeeding, pride and disbelief.  I’m terrified!

But it doesn’t matter, because I’m saying YES anyways!

I can guarantee that everyone who is doing big things has felt terrified and said yes anyways! (That’s the key!)

It feels really good being this version of myself and all I have to do is my best.

That feels do-able.  Nothing more and nothing less.

You can do your best too.

I believe in you!

Practice saying yes to yourself.

The rest will follow.




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