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Why is it I constantly fight the urge to feel guilty about my t.v watching and well…love of it?  I can’t be the only one!  I soon caught myself rationalizing and discovered I love it so much because it has changed so much of who I am.

Not only are we exposed to so many different people through the t.v we also experience situations (except thankfully minus the paralyzing fear and consequences).  The truth is, I’ve experienced so many lifetimes, careers, families and adventures.  I’ve gotten a glimpse into lawyerdom and office fashion, politics and legal pursuits by watching shows like Suits, survived group dynamics and a test of survival by watching Survivor and I’ve witnessed true family love watching Parenthood.  I’ve lived osta geneerinen levitra!  I understand more.  I have a better idea….I’ve learned!

The widespread way television has influenced and changed us is possibly a concept too infinite and grand to grasp.  I love how television has changed my life.  It’s fun, it connects us to each other and by God it is so entertaining!  When I’m feeling guilty for indulging in some couch potato glory, I think of this and feel a little better!

I encourage you to watch t.v. with a “new set of eyes” and see if the experience changes for you.  I hope it does!

I’m off to send my mind on an adventure now!

Happy watching everyone!

Tanya xo

Spread the love!