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Most people have a word for the year, month or quarter.  It’s a brilliant way to quickly and easily be reminded of your immediate or long term goals.  Recently a word has popped into my head and I’ve done a lot of contemplation over it.




I see that it is my willingness to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things that has created the biggest rewards and brightest experiences.  When I’m willing to do the work the universe expands to generously reward me with both tangible and intangible blessings.


Here are some questions you can use to examine how willing you are:


Are you willing to grow?

Willing to put yourself out there for others to see?

Willing to move forward no matter the judgement or fear that you experience?

Willing to try even though you may fail?

Willing to complete something even if it’s not perfect?

Willing to love even though you may get hurt?

Are you willing to do the work?


What to do when the idea seems great but you’re just not willing to do the work


Then my friend, something isn’t in alignment.  Examine what you have going on in your life right now.  Are you overwhelmed and although it sounds great you can’t find the motivation or energy to move forward? If this is the case, then perhaps whatever it is that you are lacking willingness to potentially do isn’t something that you are passionate about.  Perhaps the rewards aren’t worth it or you aren’t aware of the benefits.  Use the time lapse technique.  Put yourself in the mind frame where you have completed your goal.  How do you feel?  Was it worth doing?  If so, break it up into small do-able action steps and do the work! That feeling is on the other side of action!


Is fear taking over and holding you back?  It’s natural that when we are about to embark on any new experience fear opens the door to doubt, guilt, shame, impatience and blame.  Be aware that it’s completely natural for you to move through these emotions.  Tune inwards and put them aside with faith. Faith in yourself and the universe.  Acknowledge that these emotions are used to keep you self-sabotaging and keep you stuck!  You can support yourself through any change.


Open your heart, open your mind and be WILLING.


With love and light!




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