60 minute reading

An Angel card reading in an experience where you get to sit back, relax and hear the advice and guidance from your Angels. The cards are used as a tool along with my intuition to deliver the messages.


Angels are Divine beings. We each have an army of Angels that are ready to come to our assistance at any time. They are awaiting our call to them and are eager to assist us with both little and big life occurrences. Their mission is to help you find peace, love, comfort, abundance and purpose. An Angel reading is a way to receive messages from your angels simply channeled through another person.

Angel cards are not like traditional Tarot as in there are no negative or frightening messages or images. The angels give you guidance on what you CAN do in life, not what you can’t.  Angel card readings can help you decide where you wish to go in life and how to get there. If they recommend changes, they will do so in a way that is empowering and doesn’t feel unsurmountable.

I like to think of Angel card readings as life coaching sessions directed by your angels! 

Clients walk away with more clarity, positivity and a general sense of peace and empowerment.

It’s a truly magical experience.

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60 min

While working with an Intuitive Life Coach, you can expect to lovingly and safely confront issues that have been holding you back and preventing you from creating a reality you love.

I typically work with the energy you project to resolve your deepest issues. I use intuition to sense your blockages and help you root out the source of your pain. I can then assist you by guiding you through the process of introducing new habits, thoughts, and beliefs that support the life you want to live.

By healing these issues and altering your consciousness, you can open yourself up to love and the abundance of opportunities that life has to offer.

I am here to assist you in a private, secure environment where you can open up about your true feelings and make room for healing and growth.

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REIKI HEALING SESSION (with Crystals and Angels)


60 minutes

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a natural, safe and gentle healing modality that utilizes the laying on of hands. Reiki is a Universal Life Force Energy and I am able to tap into an unlimited supply of this energy to channel it to the client to create spiritual, mental and physical well-being. I like to explain reiki as God’s healing light channeled through me to specific areas with positive and healing intention for the client. The energy can also be channeled into specific body locations and energy centers to alleviate negative symptoms and return your body to a balanced state. Reiki can relieve pain, reduce stress, arthritis, poor circulation, muscle tension, inflammation and emotional disorders.

It is my promise to you, my client, to hold a pure and high vibration during your session so that I may be a clear vessel of God’s love and healing energy to move through me.  During Reiki you may experience relaxation, inner peace, increased energy, vitality and a sense of empowerment.

Each reiki session with me includes crystal therapy and a mini angel card reading.  I utilize the healing qualities of crystals to balance your chakras, pull out dense energy and promote healing at no additional fee. Wear something comfortable to your session, and be prepared to leave feeling more relaxed, balanced, and grounded. Often messages come through from your guides during a session, giving you a deeper understanding of your present situation. From time to time I also feel the presence of your departed loved ones who may come to say hello!

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30 minutes

Reiki practitioners channel life force energy into the client they’re working with. They do this through symbols, mantras and hand positions. Practitioners that have received their second degree (level) Reiki are able to use a symbol that moves through time and space.

Think of prayer. When we pray for others, we imagine love and energy being sent to them, wherever they are. Distance Reiki is pretty much the same thing. Rather than channel life force energy or “Ki” into the client in front of me, I send the energy to the person where ever they are.

In my practice, I use meditation, healing crystals and an image of the client. While I am in deep meditation, I visualize a Reiki session with the client. I send Universal Life Force Energy throughout the session, the same as I do with in-person clients.



You will be called to smudging (energy clearing/house blessing) if you feel like something is just “off” about your space and life.  You may not be able to put the feeling into words but just know that there is a heaviness in your home and life.

Clients often book home clearing sessions when:

  • Moving into a new home or selling their current home.
  • There’s been a lot of arguments and negativity in the home.
  • After trauma or loss
  • Following or dealing with sickness
  • Experiencing unexplained hardships
  • A general feeling of heaviness
  • During romantic or professional challenges
  • After someone has passed in the home
  • Experiencing negative or trapped energy left behind by visitors or guests.

With the strong power of sage, reiki energy, prayer and positive energy, your home will be cleansed of negative, dense, unserving energy for you and your family, filling your space with love, light, and positive energy. After a smudging, there is generally a feeling of heavy energy lifting from the person or place, and a strong feeling of lightness and positivity that follows. While the smell of sage is pungent, it will be gone within a few hours. You will notice a happier, lighter mood in the people who live there.

A smudging is a wonderful way to have a “fresh start,” new beginning and renewed and lighter outlook moving forward.

Smudgings can also be done at any business to clear away negativity, unloving intentions and call forth abundance, peace and success! If you are dealing with difficult employees / coworkers – try a smudging!

To schedule or for inquiries, please email me at:

*Due to severe allergies I’m not able to service any homes with cats.

*Currently servicing the Vaughan, Ontario area

*Every booking receives a sage bundle and a small blessing infused gift that will continue to bring light and love into your home. 

email: for inquiries and bookings. Depending on location and size price may vary.

Add a home gridding crystal kit to your home or business energy clearing experience for $80.

I will charge & place the crystals on your main floor so that your home continues to be protected and cleansed of lower vibrations moving forward. Yes please!


I believe we grow and learn the most when we let our guards down, remain open and dive deep (like you do when you are having a completely epic convo with one of your besties). If talking to me doesn’t feel like talking to an old friend and you don’t feel ‘lit up’ then that’s okay.
Just honouring yourself enough to find out is a wonderful first step you can feel PROUD of!
You got this. You deserve it.
You are WORTHY!

Please refer to my F.A.Q‘s to get a better idea about my services and information about how to prepare for your appointment.
My card reading with Tanya was so enlightening and uplifting . Each and every card drawn went exactly with my present and future life experiences. Both she and her angel guides worked with my angel guides to help me gain clarity and understanding to assist me in my life path. Tanya is very personable and intuitive and very easy to talk to. I definitely recommend Tanya to do your card reading, it’s a great and uplifting experience!! Liana C

My experience working with Tanya has been amazing, cathartic, insightful and profoundly helpful. It is absolutely true that the timing of this connection and process has been none other than exquisite and a gift from above. I find her incredibly compassionate but also willing to ask the hard questions which need to be considered in a safe environment of support, empathy, encouragement and immediate feedback. She has helped me see my life positively and continue to face challenges in a different light. My experience with Tanya as my coach, spiritual advisor is an honour and a gift.
With love and light to her and so thankful for all the blessings she has brought in my life!! Melissa A

I had Tanya do an angel card reading for me as I was looking for clarity on my current life situation. I knew what I wanted to pursue in my life but found myself divided in two and not listening to my instincts or signs from the Universe and angels. Tanya is such an incredible being and has an incredibly positive aura and energy. She has a gift to connect with the angels and share their message through the cards. She brought inner peace and tranquility at a time when I felt scattered, scared and lost. She helped me understand the path that my angels want to guide me down to ultimately reach my goals. I really connected with her message and it strengthened my belief in myself, my abilities, and my dreams. I highly encourage you to connect with Tanya. She is a blessing and I am so grateful that the angels placed her in my path. Thank you Tanya. Lourdes

Tanya has been such an absolute gem and has helped me take all the steps in the necessary direction to help me get out of feeling “stuck” and on the road to chasing my dreams.

I have never felt anyone truly listen to me like Tanya does.  There were times that I couldn’t even get the words out and she was able to for me.  She helped to open up my eyes and to see things not only like I used to,but better.  I was able to really see my vision for myself and my family’s future.

I cannot express enough on what a wonderful human being she is and how gifted she is with helping others.

Tanya is a very positive and empowering woman. I initially approached our discussions filled with a sense of trepidation at the idea of rendering myself vulnerable through the sharing of painful parts of my private life but she proved to be a highly attentive, sensitive listener who immediately enveloped me in warmth and empathy so that I felt very much at ease. Her observations are always insightful and offered in such a way that leaves me hopeful and much clearer of stuck points, yet with my dignity still securely intact. Tanya tenders what needs to be said in a firm but gentle way which allowed for me to experience several mini breakthroughs throughout the course of our conversations. What has been most impactful for me in speaking with Tanya is her ability to positively shift my perception about the issues that need working through – she helped me to view my experiences as normal, understandable and relatable rather than through a lens of pathology. Thank You, Tanya, for being a well-intentioned person of integrity who has helped make a positive difference in my life.

When I went to see Tanya I was torn in two, pulled between two directions in life. It is difficult for me to connect to people so I went in with no expectations and high vulnerabilities.

Tanya was able to validate who I was by allowing me to clearly understand what lay beneath the surface. She helped me through an action plan based on my individual and specific needs. She is an extremely easy person to speak to since her very presence is calming.

If you are stuck in life and need direction, support and understanding I would give my recommendation to Tanya Manzon.

I can never thank you enough for the balance you created in me.