A 6 week mindset makeover program for the woman looking to transform her mental space.

Gain clarity about who you are and what you want out of life.  Learn tools to stay focused and know the exact steps you need to get there.  Put your most divine foot forward for all the rest of your days and SPARKLE!

All from the comfort of your home and in a way that feels nurturing, easy and fun.


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A journey of decluttering, simplifying and transformation.

For the woman who is ready for a big transformation and understands herself enough to know she needs a lot of encouragement and accountability to get things done.

This program is not just about decluttering the mental clutter mucking up your mindset, it’s about deciding you are worth living in a space that represents your authentic self, letting go of what’s not serving you anymore and shining the way only you can!

By the end you will have tackled the projects around the house and gained mental clarity, leaving you ready to confidently navigate your own beautiful journey of life.

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I’m not interested in dragging anyone through a process that feels uncomfortable and scary. I believe we grow and learn the most when we let our guards down, remain open and dive deep (like you do when you are having a completely epic convo with one of your besties). If talking to me doesn’t feel like talking to an old friend and you don’t feel ‘lit up’ then that’s okay.
Just honouring yourself enough to find out is a wonderful first step you can feel PROUD of!
You got this. You deserve it.
You are WORTHY!



Tanya has been such an absolute gem and has helped me take all the steps in the necessary direction to help me get out of feeling “stuck” and on the road to chasing my dreams.

I have never felt anyone truly listen to me like Tanya does.  There were times that I couldn’t even get the words out and she was able to for me.  She helped to open up my eyes and to see things not only like I used to,but better.  I was able to really see my vision for myself and my family’s future.

I cannot express enough on what a wonderful human being she is and how gifted she is with helping others.


Tanya is a very positive and empowering woman. I initially approached our discussions filled with a sense of trepidation at the idea of rendering myself vulnerable through the sharing of painful parts of my private life but she proved to be a highly attentive, sensitive listener who immediately enveloped me in warmth and empathy so that I felt very much at ease. Her observations are always insightful and offered in such a way that leaves me hopeful and much clearer of stuck points, yet with my dignity still securely intact. Tanya tenders what needs to be said in a firm but gentle way which allowed for me to experience several mini breakthroughs throughout the course of our conversations. What has been most impactful for me in speaking with Tanya is her ability to positively shift my perception about the issues that need working through – she helped me to view my experiences as normal, understandable and relatable rather than through a lens of pathology. Thank You, Tanya, for being a well-intentioned person of integrity who has helped make a positive difference in my life.




When I went to see Tanya I was torn in two, pulled between two directions in life. It is difficult for me to connect to people so I went in with no expectations and high vulnerabilities.

Tanya was able to validate who I was by allowing me to clearly understand what lay beneath the surface. She helped me through an action plan based on my individual and specific needs. She is an extremely easy person to speak to since her very presence is calming.

If you are stuck in life and need direction, support and understanding I would give my recommendation to Tanya Manzon.

I can never thank you enough for the balance you created in me.